In general, custom duties, across the world are taxes which are duly imposed on goods that are transported through the international borders. There are several purposes of imposition of customs duties such as in order to protect and promote the economy of the country which imposes customs duty as well as to protect the residents or citizen of that country from hazardous risks. The purposes of customs duties also are to protect the environment of the country and jobs of the residents. These purposes of the customs duties are generally achieved by controlling and regulating the flow of products into or out of the country especially the goods which are restricted or prohibited. However, clearing the goods through customs is often a complex process for which importers and exporters seek the assistance of experienced and reliable customs brokerages such as Clearit USA who help in the effective and timely release of the goods of the importers and exporters and grow their business.

Every item of goods has a specific duty rate based on several factors such as where was the goods produced or processed, what are the materials used to produce the goods, classification of the goods as per customs laws, valuation of the goods etc. While entering into the US in the case of USA residence, you need to declare what goods you are bringing in along with you which you did not have when you left the United States. For example, you need to declare about some gifts which you received during your foreign travel or you altered your suit in some other country etc. However, the American Goods Returned or AGR generally does not require declaration whereas you need to prove that the goods are AGR to the customs officers failing to which you may be asked to pay the customs duties.

The customs duty rates are in fact percentages based on the total purchase value of the goods which you paid in the foreign country while travelling out of the country. The quality or brand, size or weights of the goods are normally taken into consideration while determining the percentages from the total value of the goods or determining the customs duty of the goods. The harmonised Tariff System or HTS which is an internationally agreed-upon system of determining customs duties provides the rates of customs duties almost for every item of goods you may intend to bring into the country.

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