COVID-19 Bringing Digital Transformation to Malaysian Businesses

If we look at the context of the world, several experts and experiences have pointed out that COVID-19 is becoming one of the biggest drivers of digital transformation. With lockdowns and people becoming more alert, companies were made to think of a way to conduct their operations without having to travel. This resulted in firms making use of all the digital resources they had, and with some firms actually experiencing better results and productivity of their workers than before the introduction of more technology in their workplaces.

The same goes for Malaysia, and firms are now keen on introducing more IT infrastructures and expertise.

The Work From Home Rule

This has by far one of the biggest reasons for Malaysia Economy going Digital. Even if the MCO is on the recovery phase, the threat of Coronavirus isn’t over, and the government has urged businesses to call their employees only if they must be in the office to perform their duties. Otherwise, Work from Home is the answer.

Now, for the better part, companies from around the world have already been experimenting with Work From Home (WFH) before the pandemic. In many cases, letting employees work remotely improves the businesses, as workers experience more flexibility and this will improve the work quality. It also saves on their transport allowance for employees and utilities fee, as workers don’t need to spend on gas or vehicle fare, and the office also saves on several aspects like electricity, maintenance, etc.

With employees using computers to do their work, data handling will also be done digitally. Instead of physical files, we will see digital documents and spreadsheets. This again translates to Accounting, Auditing, HR and Payroll, all companies requiring IT Support. We can say that a lot of company software and digital plans are going to be sold in the coming days.

Where is the Government in All of This?

COVID-19 is set to change businesses, however, the government is going to help make the process less scary with supportive incentives and programs. You can look at the

Malaysia Economic Recovery Plan Summary to see how the government aims to help companies during, and after the MCO.

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