Promotional products continue to prevail as a successful business strategy. Choosing the right product will boost your brand awareness multiple folds. Majority of working people spend most part of their time at their desk during office hours.  This makes deskbound items a hot choice for promotional products.

How popular are deskbound promotional stuff?

In a survey conducted to find out which promotional merchandise were a hit among the masses, it was seen that a staggering 89% of participants used pens, 65% used mugs 54% had placed calendar and post it notes they received.  93% of the participants revealed that these products did play an important role in making them more aware of the brand out of whom 83% went on to purchase products from the company.

Many used 4 or more promotional items. Choose a product among the top 3 options whilst ensuring that your product stands out. Though pens and mugs are the popular choice, stay ahead of others in the race by choosing quality products which would in turn elevate your brand image. Market your brand in an effective way by purchasing stylos publicitaire pour entreprise de Concept Plus. Check out their pens that come in vibrant colors at wholesale prices.

Recommended promotional products:

  • Drinkware: The rise in reusable bottles and mugs has made these a preferred choice. They are easily portable and can be used during the commute to work and tea-break routine. The options include plastic cups, stainless steel bottles, coffee mugs, foldable water bags etc.
  • Journals and notepads: Customized journals and notepads are an excellent way to ensure that your company name connects well with the user. Apart from being economical, you can include any promotional message in it including company name, logo, slogan, contact info, photos etc. Most receivers of notepads found it handy and used it daily.
  • T-shirts: Good quality T-shirts are likely to be used outdoors by receivers. When the print and fabric are of good quality, the T-shirts serve as round-the-clock promotional material. Every time they wear your T-shirts, they are promoting your brand.

When you are organizing an event, giving away unexpected gifts like water bottles, bags, sports gear, headwear, you give them the impression that you are mindful about their needs. For instance, handing out water bottles during a race makes you look thoughtful. People also find technology-related stuff like power banks and USB useful.

Keep your audience in mind when purchasing promotional products to ensure maximum customer reach. People love to receive products they use on a regular basis.

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