A printed circuit board happens to be among the most essential features in an electronic assembly, it is meant to provide connectivity and electronic support for electronic devices. The Printed circuit boards are available in different various technologies entirely based on the application or where it is supposed to be used. The main examples include flexible circuits, Teflon, aluminum core, rigid-flex boards, and rigid boards. Due to their difference, there will be always different manufacturers and suppliers in the market, you need to know how to get the right one among the many printed circuit board manufacturers. You should remember that that the type you choose will always affect the performance of your electronic device, therefore you need to be keen on the type of supplier you will choose for the purpose. We recommend Avanti Circuits. Here are some of the essential factors to consider when looking for a PCB manufacturer:

Quality and certifications

The first and most important factor you should consider when looking for PCB manufacturers is quality, in this, there are various things to look at. Start with the supplier’s Quality Management system as per your needs and requirements you need to know the minimum certifications, for instance in this case the minimum certifications for a manufacturer should be at least ISO 9001. You should remember that ISO certifications show that a proper and required QMS is existing within the manufacturing unit. Focus on the quality unit, processes, procedures, quality policy, quality manual, employee training, and continuous improvement. Ensure that the manufacturer meets all your needs and expectations when making the product for your use, the certifications will help you get this right.

Delivery on time

Another crucial thing to give attention to is the time needed for one to spend before they deliver the PCBs. From the time of order to the time of delivery, you need to be sure that the period spent in between will not affect your working schedule later. Ensure they quote the right and accurate lead time, moreover, you need to be keen in that the products are delivered within the required lead-time. Remember in most cases the success of your projects highly depends on this.

The cost

The cost might depend on two major factors, that is; source and technology, for instance, you will find that the PCBs that are sourced internationally tend to be more expensive due to the extra costs like shipping, taxes among other costs spent to deliver the products to your country. While the ones produced locally are cheaper because they do not require too much money or costs to deliver them home. Moreover, domestic sourcing is accompanied by shorter lead times, unlike the international sourcing. The other factor technology determines the cost of the PCB for example the complex rigid-flex is among the most expensive ones in the market.


Most people think that the printed circuit boards are meant for industrial use but they are essential for use in any electronic device, they enhance the performance and make everything better. Therefore looking for the right manufacturer will lead you to the best PCBs, always consider these factors to ensure you end up with the right product for your use.

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