When the photographer is in charge, he is similar to the director. It is he who decides on the material to be used. He is also the artistic director, because he works on light to enhance textures and colors. The expertise and professional attitude of the photographer can determine the success of the shots.

This is especially so to ensure that the shoot does not drag on too long and miss the natural daylight. To be successful in your architectural and interior photos, here are some qualities that the photographer should have.

Value the property

In the interior of an apartment, for example, important work involves deciding the location of the furniture, as well as the tasks of cleaning and tidying up the rooms that will be photographed and adding, if necessary, objects used for decoration.

For exterior shots of a building or monument, the area in question will define the different viewing angles and focusing distances. Certain information such as the orientation, size or integration of a building in the landscape must appear on an architectural photograph.

Make the right settings

Technically, indoor photography requires finding the right balance to adjust the three parameters of sensitivity, speed and aperture. Wide-angle 16-35mm lenses are recommended in this case. Even though most professional cameras have the HDR option, it is still important that the apartment or building to be photographed has good exposure to sunlight.

The use of studio flashes or fill flashes is necessary to capture high contrast interior shots. This option is also a solution to solve the problem of indoor white balance. Some photographers will have to do some photo retouching above that.

Take into account the specifics

In terms of architecture, the equipment to be used is different and you have to master a few fundamentals: exposure (aperture, ISO, speed), manual and Aor Av modes, white balance, depth of field, etc. It is recommended that you use a digital camera and a tripod. You should also have an “aperture priority” mode set to freeze the desired area of ​​sharpness. The minimum useful focal aperture is 24mm. It is essential to master the rules of composition for more depth of the captured images.

What is the average price of an architectural and interior photographer?

Photography services in the field of real estate today set very competitive prices in a very competitive market. However, before you shy away from the price tag, remember that low-cost services do not always give the expected quality. Architectural photography requires high-performance equipment and advanced shooting and retouching skills.

Type of photo:

The technical terms and approaches that the photographer gives for each shot (framing, light management, composition) determines the budget to be allocated: is it a photo of a hotel, a commercial space, interior decoration or interior architecture? The budget can also be determined by:

  • The number of photos
  • The time spent on the project
  • The duration of the shoot itself, and the time spent retouching photos postproduction.

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