A moneylender refers to a person or group of persons who offer small personal loans with high rates of interest. There are so many people who need some instant loan for their emergency work and those people are also ready to pay a high amount of interest. For those there are so many money lenders who can give them a high amount of loans with high interest.  This article covers the money lending loans advantages. Moreover, it will also incorporate the safety principles of approaching money lending loans.

Classification of money lender 

Moneylenders are mainly of two kinds. We will discuss both of them in detail, so read till the end carefully. 


The purpose of professional moneylenders is to deal with business moneylending. They always contact the business person, because they know they will get the right person to give the loan. 


Non-professional moneylenders are those who involve themselves in some other profession along with the passive business of moneylending.

But without these two, there are other types of money lenders also, those are: –

Savings Associations:

Their responsibilities lie in selling saving deposits and granting home mortgage loans and other forms of credit to individuals and families.

Credit unions: 

They accumulate deposits by making loans to their members as nonprofit associations of individuals sharing a common bond.

Money market funds, security brokers are also in the money lending institutions.

What do money lenders do? 

There are so many responsibilities the money lenders have, among all some are: – 

  • To give short-term loans. 
  • To provide Loans on the personal security of borrowers. 
  • To connect with the borrowers.
  • To lend their funds.

Money lending in Singapore

Singapore has emerged as a smart city for starting businesses and entrepreneurship. That is why the ease of doing business in Singapore is developing. Anyone can do business in Singapore, but for that if you need any type of lone then you can easily contact to Crawfort, they will guide you in their own way, so don’t take too much pressure regarding loans. The business-friendly environment, hassle-free paperwork, and licensed Money lending are the reasons behind this. So, the question which can arise is that Is there a 24 hours money lender?  The answer to this question is no. It is not possible even in a smart city like Singapore to provide a 24 hours money lender. If it happens then money lending can be an illegal one. So, be careful about that.

Therefore, online loan application portals are always open for the application of personal loans. Craw fort Singapore offers profound and detailed guidelines to know about personal loans and Money lending.

If you apply for issuing a personal loan, Craw fort will assist to approve it within 8 minutes. To know more click here Crawfort.

Advantages of taking personal loans from a Licensed Moneylender 

The advantages of approving personal loans from licensed money lenders are 

  • Quick and smooth Online Loan Application

Approaching money lenders for personal loans will be the best option if you want to make this process quickly within a short time.

  • Saves Time

As it is done by the online application process, taking personal loans from licensed Money lenders saves time.

  • Notable for Fast Approval Loan

Most licensed moneylenders are remarkable for their quick approval loan anywhere.

  • Short-term Loan

Licensed moneylenders also prefer offering a short-term loan. This defines that you can pay much lesser interest compared to approaching a long-term loan where you have to pay higher interest.


Issuing a personal loan means that you will receive a sum of money that is based on the approved loan amount. But it has to be clear that during repayment one has to pay the entire fee including the specified interest. Though, installment loans have permanent interest rates and remuneration methods. It means you are required to pay the loan in installation spanning a particular month. Thus, being a fully amortised loan, ensures the borrower remunerates the interest rate plus the principal amount. An amortised loan does allow the borrower to prepare for their repayment procedures.

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