Minnesota or also known as The North Star State is the state with more than 226000 square kilometers dimension. It takes pride in occupying the 12th place in the list of the biggest states in the US.

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Apart from Oregon and Washington, this is the other state in the US that welcomes thousands of migrants from all over the world on a yearly basis. Here are some of the things that make Minnesota the most preferred place for stay by many people today.

Eat Healthy and Burn Off those Calories

Minnesota has more than 10000 lakes, 76 state parks, 5 national parks, and many hiking, biking and running trails for you. You can enjoy swimming in any of the lakes or even boating time and fishing time with your dear ones there any time of the day. You will need more calorie burning activities because Minnesota restaurants will surely offer finger licking tasty food for you.

Twin Cities is one of the many places that are the ideal destinations for foodies. You can enjoy cultural food here and can even stroll in the Mall of America, when in the Twin Cities. The mall covers more than the area that is required for building seven Yankee Stadiums. You will find many shopping destinations belonging to different brand names in the mall.

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Unbearable Climatic Conditions

The only drawback of Minnesota is that the winter season is very harsh here. The temperature falls below -60 degrees and will become unbearable for the outsiders during their first few years of stay in the state. To compensate for this climatic condition, you can enjoy wonderful summer months in the state.

Fortune 500 Companies

The twin cities, St Paul and Minneapolis, host many fortune-500 companies. The cities are just 9 miles away from one another, but constitute as one big city. You will find hundreds of big brand companies there such as United Health Group, Target, 3M, General Mills, Best Buy, Land O’ Lakes, and so on. Overall, 17 such massive companies are found in the Twin Cities.

Minneapolis – Mini Apple

Most of the great talents like Prince and the mastermind that created the idea of Charlie Brown were born in Minneapolis. Minneapolis is also known by the name “Mini Apple” and also known as the Little Brother City of New York City.

Minnesota takes pride in being the home to many professional teams such as Minnesota Vikings, Minnesota Twins, Minnesota Lynx and Minnesota Timberwolves.

Now that you know so many things about Minnesota, you can decide whether you wish to move to the place or not. If your answer is yes for relocation, then you can just call Ship a Car, Inc. right away.

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