I am going to explain each of these photographic errors that I want to avoid. It may seem that they are not very photographic, but they are. Not all the mistakes one makes in this art have to do with focus, exposure and other technical aspects.

Do Not Print

Although this year I printed one of my favourite photos of the year as I had proposed, the truth is that I still have many to print, especially family and a long time., and the more time passes, the more it costs me, so this year I have proposed to start from scratch, that is, I will not wait to print 2016 to print 2020 because if I am not going to reach 2050 as I am., and no, it is not the way, because a photo that you do not print, a photo that does not exist.

Not Having A Well-Defined Workflow

When I discovered the benefits of downloading all photos in the Lightroom catalogue, adding keywords, creating collections, etc. after I have finished editing with https://photolemur.com, I realized the time I have wasted searching for photos, duplicating, and so on.

Let Myself Be Carried Away By The Likes

I admit that this year has been a bit of love-hate with Instagram. I love everything it offers me, but I also hate what it takes away from me. Sometimes it has robbed me of energy, other times and other self-esteem. I am aware that, above all, the latter is my responsibility. I have taken a distance, and from there, I have learned a lot, seeing things from the outside clears a lot.

Complain About My Team

I don’t know if it is because I am reviewing cameras, lenses and other accessories that I am always wishing for what I don’t have and complaining about the equipment I have, up to this point. My team is not professional, because for now I do not dedicate myself to photography professionally and I do not need it, for everything else it is enough and I have plenty. If I don’t get where I don’t want the limitation, it’s mine, not yours.


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