The goal of your pearl jewelry ecommerce website is to sell products online. If this is not happening even if you own a pretty website, lead generating ads, and brand name then you will need to research deeper. Your website does get traffic but carts get abandoned or people leave without buying. This will need fixation but first understand what is the bounce rate?

Scenarios that are counted as bounce rates are –

After viewing your single web page –

  • Back button gets clicked.
  • The person exits from the browser.
  • The user clicks on another website.

Bounce rate means the user left before you got a chance to convince them to buy. In addition, high visitor percentage that bounces will impact your ranking on search engines. Google demotes domain authority, when people leave your website after viewing single web page. This can kill your ecommerce jewelry store.

Solution for reducing bounce rates for ecommerce jewelry store

Optimize product pages

Product page is crucial that breaks or makes a sale. For example, prospects may adore images but the review display was hidden with a fear of negative comment. Actually, the reality is very promising. If the product you display is authentic and you are proud of the negative reviews will not be many.

To reduce bounce rate, keep the product page of your pearl rings or bracelets clean. Include the review icon that can be seen, you can place it beside the ‘add to cart’ button and the short detail must highlight the consistency and quality of the product.

Make purchase experience smooth

 If jewelry buyers are unable to find reviews, price or CTA then they get frustrated and leave. More hidden the necessary components of buying process are the quickly buyers move to your competitors.

Make sure that your website loading time is also quick. Another massive mistake to avoid is when visitors click on a pearl earring ad as they are interested in that specific product. They don’t desire to browse through your website.

If they get directed towards your homepage then the chances they will leave is more. Instead, product ad clicks need to be directed to the analogous product page. More hiccups in buying process will only make people leave.

Employ exit intent pop up

It is an overlay pop up, which displays on the screen when users try to leave. They are on the verge of bouncing but offer something new like discount or request to subscribe or offer help to find right product or free shipping. Some flair added to the exit intent pop up is a good way to capture their attention prior they leave.

Remember that, the clearer you are, the more they will like you and your products!

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