There are millions of people out of work due to coronavirus. Unemployment claims have reached their highest in years. There are clerical staffing jobs that are currently temporary and many people that are looking for this type of employment are going through temp agencies until the economy opens back up.

When working a clerical staffing job a person will not make as much money. There is around a dollar pay difference for the temporary workers. While this may not seem like a lot of money and many people are willing to take it, this amount will add up over time. While staffing agencies are in business right now and putting people to work for the time being they are not the solution. When working through a staffing agency many workers will not be able to make a livable wage. They have no job security and they do not get benefits with their position.

Many people are looking to take these jobs just to have some form of income coming into their homes.Some people have been moved to part-time workers including those that perform clerical tasks. People have had their hours cut back because there is not a need for them on a full-time basis. More people are marginally attached to their employers. They have been looking for work while working at their current job a couple of hours now and then.

Often when working a temp job a person is not sure when they are going to work next. They may get a call in the middle of the night or in the morning to see if they can work the next day. The assignment may last a couple of days or it may last a few weeks depending on the assignment and the need.

For years there has been a demand for clerical and office positions in the temp field. This is the largest of the temporary jobs. All a person needs is some basic computer skills and they need to be able to type. They need to be pleasant too. Clerical jobs make up around 4 percent of all temporary job positions. These positions will help keep an office running and will make sure that the paperwork is typed up and in the proper place.

Temporary jobs can be found in the newspaper and they are often operated through staffing agencies. The agency will speak to the employee and determine what skills they have and find a company that requires their skills or services. Most of this is being done through internet screenings and the phone due to social distancing and closing. If a person has a specific skill or experience the computer system will make them up with an employer.

 They will then take on the assignment until they are no longer needed. Some temp workers do get hired full time. This will be based on the needs of the company and the skills of the worker. In most cases they are left go after the specific assignment they worked on has ended. They will then move on to the next project.

Like many other fields, those that work in clerical positions are out of work due to business closure from the coronavirus. When the economy is back on track there may be positions that will need to be filled. For the time many of those that work in the clerical field will be forced to take temporary positions so they can have an income.

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