Business can be of any type ranging from bars, through theatres to restaurants, pubs, law office, hotels, restaurants and etc. One factor that is common to all these businesses is a neon sign. The business addresses require something unique to catch the attention of the passers-by or to get a place amongst discussions anywhere. The neon signs are capable of fetching that attention for the businesses. Some neon signs are so unique that these become the identity of the business. Listed here are some of the interesting types of neon signs and the areas where these can be applied.


  • Bar signs for hotels and pubs


A restaurant or hotel may be having a bar section in it. There are certain businesses that are clubs or bars only. All these places can get their identity through interesting Bar Signs. These signs can be made to blink or in a style that gives an impression of light flowing through the bar neon sign design. The advantage of putting such vibrant sign at these places is to add to the feel good factor of these establishments. If you are running a multi-utility fun park with various sections, you can define each of these areas with the help of neon signs, such as:

  • Rest Rooms
  • Kids Zone
  • Restaurant
  • Rides
  • Swimming Pool
  • Barbecue
  • Karaoke
  • Darts and so on.

You can experiment in very many ways with neon signs and can convert the signs like music notes, heart, headphone, commode, etc. to indicate the purpose of the place. 


  • Colourful neon lighting


Neon lighting flashes the image of a city famous for night life instantly. The neon gas can be replaced by various other inert gases to produce colourful lights. Designers of neon signs enhance these lightings with multiple effects and make the place look truly delightful. With the help of neon signs, any area of the city can be decorated. These are especially helpful in creating festive mood in any area. Colourful neon lighting is used mostly at casinos, circuses, party avenues, amusement parks, hotels, auditorium, cinema halls, and etc. These are mostly used for adding special feel to go with the mood of the occasion.


  • Custom neon signs


Neon signs can be custom made to fit the brand personality. Only lighting is not the purpose of custom neon signs. Businesses use the custom designs to demarcate any area of the establishment such as dance floor or stock trading point, etc. The custom neon signs ideas can be based on letters, images, quotes, any artwork, logo brand name, or any person’s name. Sometimes, words like Welcome, Dance, Happiness, Music is Life, or signs like currency signs, heart, any animal etc. can also form the ideal for developing custom neon signs.


  • Neon wall art


This can be called most experimental of all neon sign types. The Neon wall arts are used to accentuate any figure such as a clown face, a dancing diva, a singer, etc. You can go extra quirkier in your thinking and use dragons, signs of maintaining silence like Shhh, religious signs, etc. to design the walls of business premises in playful appeal. These signs can be mounted on the premises of dance classes, silent zones, churches, and other places of public use. Neon wall arts are slowly creeping into the personal residences and are replacing dim lights. The signs like lips, stars, moon, heart, kitchen tools are being used to create theme houses.

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