When you are well versed and acquainted with your brand as well as the product offering, you can entice your customer easily to choose your brand. As this interaction entails visual and tactile in equal parts, you can use the parts, materials, special accents, and dispensing methods. These additional details can further mention distinctions between you and your competitors. So, this is how to make the most of these interactions by the means of competitive retail packaging just like Netpak does.

  1. Select cohesive parts and materials

It is always ideal to select consistent packaging parts, your bottles, caps, tubs, pumps etc. coordinate together as a cohesive set. Visually unassociated parts don’t only create confusion among the customers in retail, but it also indicate the inconsistent quality of goods. Solicit your products together to make ideal material choices. In the single product tier, all containers must have same finish and cap color. Their shapes must be cohesive as well. Among this very variety, design details like square or rounded edges can unify the shapes so all products must seem consistent.

  1. Select materials that align to the price point

Another factor that impacts the material choice is the target price point. Always select materials that are appealing to your customers and is in alignment with your price point. Selecting low quality materials for luxury items may help you saving money, but will plummet the value and perception of your brand in the long term perspective. Always visualize what your customers would love to showcase in their homes.

  1. Integrate special accents for premium products

Your brand may have a premium product or line that is must costlier than the rest of your product. In this situation, your material choices must always be in line with the rest of your products, at least with one or two decisive exit points to denote a quality leap. This is referred to as good/better/best or good versus premium.

  1. Consider memorable dispensing methods

The way your product is dispensed becomes an important part of the brand. Often, these exceptional experiences are what the consumers will link with your brand every time your product is used by them. You can be positioned as a leader in your market. Get acquainted with the formulations and use the products that will be packaged. Check the viscosity of the product and its ideal dispensing method. No matter if it is a roller, pump, or anything else. The choice must always align with the ease of product use.

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