Unless you’re in possession of the world’s largest filing cabinet, at some point, you’re going to have to correctly dispose of expired documents. There are several tried and tested methods for going about disposal. But to our mind, even in a world where almost everything seems to be online, paper shredding is still the one we need to be using. And we are going to take you through some of the reasons why before you seek out available paper shredding services in Essex.

No Chance of Recovery

When you’re doing away with sensitive data, you want to make sure it is unrecoverable; not floating around a digital recycling bin on the off-chance people might access it. There have been several cases of identity theft with criminal cases carried out because of a misplaced document that should have been destroyed. Even just chucking a whole scrap of paper in the bin doesn’t guarantee safety for yourself or your clients. Shredding takes comfort in letting you know the documents are gone forever. Sensitive data meshed among countless other documents – security through obscurity.

Cost Savings

As with many other office-based jobs, if you want something done properly and efficiently, you’re going to need to spend a fair bit of money on finding the right equipment. And depending on the business, this can be quite taxing. Instead, the right company can turn up to your workplace to provide onsite shredding services, bringing all the necessary equipment with them.

Trust Boundaries

If you’re a customer placing a paper-shredding business in charge of disposal, there is an unspoken bond of trust. They appreciate the concerns regarding data protection and confidential information and are taking steps to address it in their process. Companies can generate more sales by demonstrating themselves to be a trustworthy business. The lengths they will go to protect a client’s personal information will generate an ongoing sense of loyalty.

A Stickler for the Rules

You’d be surprised how many regulations there are regarding data protection, and they have only increased in light of the GDPR regulations. A professional paper shredding service is fully compliant with industry regulations and you can trust that no corners are being cut.

Environmental Support

Of course, there are several environmental benefits when it comes to paper shredding. Paper is one of the biggest accumulators when it comes to rubbish. But the disposal isn’t always thought through, which results in landfills filling up prematurely. Through responsible shredding, this creates more landfill space for trash that cannot be recycled for longer periods. It offers a more organised form of rubbish disposal too. Rubbish has never been visually appealing, but there’s always been something unpleasant about seeing a load of papers wedged into the bin (the only thing that would make it worse is a bank number in clear view) another beneficiary is the trees, capable shredding services are limiting the number of trees being used for new paper products.

If you’re a business charged with handling masses of personal data, it is a prerogative to make sure you dispose of it correctly. So go out and find a local service that you can trust to handle the task with efficiency and integrity.


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