Since the dawn of time, construction design has always taken place from pen and paper only. At that point in time, engineers and architects always focused on two dimensional drawings only. But when it came to 2d visualizations, many errors were realized right after when they are in middle of an implementation. Nowadays, many architectural firms like Stendel Reich are using 3d visualizations today. This process entails a collection of data to create a digital 3d model of the final outcome. Consequently, this new technology brought forward many opportunities in the models of architectures that weren’t known to anyone. The best part about this technology is that everyone involved in the project is able to understand every aspect of the building. We have listed more reasons to why architects and engineers need to emphasize more on 3d visualizations:

  1. It helps in selling the project

Every architect in the construction industry is aware that working on any building process is a constant selling process. They need to sell the clients on the design and development process in the entire process. You need to involve various people so that to ensure everyone is on the same page, this further helps in smoother construction process. A well designed project acts as an essential marketing piece for the firm as well as for the client. It helps in getting the client excited. When the client is satisfied, hence the customer and the architects are as well.

  1. Project visualization

When you have a model ready in 3d, it helps the clients to visualize a project. Humans tend to grasp things better in a visual sense instead of imagining them. Every aspect involved in construction design helps in making the most of the 3d visualization. These models are realistic, letting the clients and design team to broaden and understand the scope of the project. This also keeps everyone prepared for unanticipated changes because everyone is on the same page. These models can also be manipulated if needed as it wasn’t possible in the 2d models in the first place. Multiple options can be added to the 33d scale to test the possibilities. It also renders it easy to implement any changes in the project in the design phase itself instead of focusing on it during the construction phase.

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